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    Kuwait is a country expensive to be visited (1 KD worth about 3 euros).
    However, with little effort it is possible to visit it saving a lot of money (in one week I spent about 500 Euros for everything).
    Let's see how.

    The great Pegasus Airlines (www.flypgs.com) offers very cheap tickets to Kuwait City from all over...

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    There are no words to describe this unique symbol of love built in Agra, India. Taj Mahal, "the epitome of love", is "a monument of immeasurable beauty".

    What this magnificent symbol was built for?

    Several years ago one of the greatest love stories finished, because Mumt...

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    I always dreamed traveling to Ethiopia to photograph the tribes of the Omo Valley.
    The major obstacle, however, was always the price, because traveling in the Valley alone is very difficult (roads and public connections are bad).

    After buying the airfare (from Italy costs about 400 Euros), I sent emails to several agenci...