There are no words to describe this unique symbol of love built in Agra, India. Taj Mahal, "the epitome of love", is "a monument of immeasurable beauty".

What this magnificent symbol was built for?

Several years ago one of the greatest love stories finished, because Mumtaz Mahal, emperor’s wife died.

The emeperor, Shan Jahan, to express his love and devotion ordered the construction of one world’s most majestic building.

Taj Mahal became the most public declaration of love that the world had ever seen.

For many traveller it embodies the symbol of love, cause they don't approach to a building but to a love story or to a real person.

However when I saw Taj Mahal I made some observations about India and the Indians.

In fact the indians  show with pride this magnificent architect’s opera, which can only be compared with Coloseum and the Great Wall, not realizing that their claim to fame, exposes their country’s contradictions.

Indian women are under great discriminations.

Although the divorce has agreed, few women decide to divorce because of their risk to be marginalised.

Until a few years ago, women who denounced the violence suffered by their 

husbands used to lose every financial support.

Even now many women avoid to denounce their husbands for not being banned 

by family and friends.

Evidence of this is the fact that - as I read- the percentage of arrest for 

crimes against women is still too low.

During my journey,  I also talked with a woman, who said me that, 

especially in the villages, if she is not able to give birth a male child 

she can be burned alive by her husband or by her family, often without 

criminal consequences.

I read subsequently that this practice is told as  wife's stake.

I hope that in India there will be a change in the future that is today to embryonic state in comparison to the Western Countries.

Only the future will say if there will be respected women as Mumtaz Mahal.