I always dreamed traveling to Ethiopia to photograph the tribes of the Omo Valley.
The major obstacle, however, was always the price, because traveling in the Valley alone is very difficult (roads and public connections are bad).

After buying the airfare (from Italy costs about 400 Euros), I sent emails to several agencies in Addis Ababa, but for a 6-8 day tour they asked me between 1,500 and 1,800 Euros.

Considering the fact that this is Ethiopia, I knew those prices were ridiculous, so I decided to go alone on public transport.

However, on my first day in Addis Ababa I met a guy, who later became my friend, called Migbaru (also called FantaMig because he is addicted to Fanta).

He is a very good boy, kind and honest.

With him I have saved A LOT of money. He took me for a week, where he has been a guide. Together with him, there was also the driver (we traveled by Jeep). 

We visited saveral tribes (the most famous are Karo, Mursi and Hamar)  and markets (in the Omo Valley each village has a different market day, in which you can meet different tribes).

I suggest you to contact him if you are planning to go there (or in other different places of Ethiopia). Obviuosly, he can speak Engllish very well, and he can let you know a lot of things about Ethiopian culture, food and traditions.

This is his phone number, you can contact him by whatsapp:+251 94 380 2658.

He has got also an email: and a Facebook profile

Have a good travel!